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Fliegen Works Antenna Doublers

Antenna Doublers
Fliegen Works Inc. manufactures STC approved antenna doublers for a variety of aircraft and antennas.

Fliegen Works’ Antenna Doubler kits mount a wide range of antennas to popular aircraft. These kits provide everything needed, and eliminate the need for a block 3 sign-off as well as two hours of installation time. The Fliegen Works doubler STCs save money and time with a quick and easy install kit.

The contents of the kits are as follows:

  1. Pre-fabricated and pilot drilled doubler
  2. Rivets
  3. Mounting Screws if applicable
  4. Nutplates or Nuts
  5. Sharp new drill bit(s)
  6. Pro-Seal PR1440-B1/2
  7. Drawings with install and maintenance instructions.


Any low profile antenna with standard GPS mounting pattern, Aircell 015-10306-001 Iridium Antenna, Sensor Systems S67-1575-109 Iridium GPS, and Comant Cl490-1 Iridium GPS antenna.

Currently we handle sales on an individual project basis, please contact us with your project needs and we can determine whether a stock or custom doubler is required.

Thanks for looking!

58 nutplates


64 install antenna

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