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A mortgage is a loan taken out to buy property or land. It usually comes with fixed interest rates, which may apply for a fixed period of time (i.e. a mortgage with a fixed term of 30 years). Typically, a property mortgage will have an amount calculated at an average interest rate for an equivalent property in a similar area, which is called a “spread” or “rate”.

Mortgage Bank - Overview, How It Functions, Income Sources

The spread can vary from transaction to transaction, between two banks or within the same institution, as the property may need to be resold (i.e. renewed). According to companies like SoFi, the interest rate on the mortgage may also be adjusted in accordance with interest rates from time to time.

Interest Rates and Rates on other Banks

One of the most important factors to consider is whether the rate that is advertised is a fixed rate or a variable rate. A fixed rate mortgage will never have a positive margin that is, it won’t rise in value if the property value increases. Likewise, a variable rate mortgage will never be able to decrease in value as rates on other rates can change.

Keep in mind that in many cases you can take out a fixed or variable rate mortgage with a different lender to that with which you previously took out a mortgage. Some lenders will require that you purchase a second mortgage to secure the first mortgage. This is necessary for all mortgage-related applications, even if the interest rate is the same.

The main difference between fixed rate and variable rate mortgages is that a fixed rate loan will generally only have a maximum rate (usually ranging between 5 and 6%), while a variable rate loan will have an unlimited range. To find the appropriate variable interest rate for you, see Variable Rate Mortgage (Discounted Rate) for more information.

Mortgage rates are just one of the ways in which you can borrow money, but they’re the most common. With student loans, most students are borrowing against their future earnings in order to pay for school. This means you may have more debt than if you were going to go straight from high school to college.

It’s always in your best interest to work with your lender or loan servicer to plan out the length of your loan and how much you’ll be borrowing. Look at your payments and estimate your future expenses to see if it’s likely that you’ll continue to make payments on a regular basis. Also, find out if there are other ways to pay off your debt besides making regular mortgage payments, such as paying your student loans off a little at a time.

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Fliegen Works is working with Joel Wattum to produce an installation STC kit for the Cessna 170A, 170B, and basic 172 to install Aerocet 2200 twin seaplane floats. Recently we finished up the engineering and flight testing and now have FAA design approval by STC SA02400AK.  Joel is accepting orders.

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Summary:  Design and Manufacturing of redundant servo-tab for installation on DHC-3 Otter for Airworthiness Directive (AD).

Client: VAZAR

Client Request: The DHC-3 Otter had a history of failures in the elevator servo-tab bellcrank. VAZAR agreed to address this issue on their turbine conversion to increase safety of the aircraft and meet the newer 23.629 requirement of flutter free after a single failure. Volant Technica was asked to develop the fix for the servo tab.

Project Summary: Volant Technica, a precursor company to Fliegen Works, worked with the FAA to address this service difficulty and produced the design data, developed loads and a structural test proposal, then DER witnessed the structural test. We also wrote the flight test plan and helped with the issuance of the TIA. The STC is a method of compliance to AD 2004-05-01. Fliegen Works currently holds PMA for fabrication of the redundant servo tab; it includes a 2nd control rod and other modification to fix in-service failure problem.

Results: STC SA01059SE was granted to VAZAR (as American Aeromotives) and is licensed to Fliegen Works for European import auto repair under PMA PQ2380NM.

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Mtn. View Door Steward™

Summary:  STC project for Door Steward ™ anti-closure device STC for multiple aircraft. 

Client:  Mountain View Aviation

Client Request:  Assistance with the certification and structural aspects of the Door Steward on multiple aircraft.

Project Summary: Structural Substantiation and DER approval, PMA Supplement assistance, AML revisions, Compliance Reports.

Results: STC  SA01120SE approved for multiple aircraft including an ever expanding Approved Model List (AML)

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Summary:  Field approval of external handle and personnel anchorage on MD 369E.

Client: Wilson Construction Company

Client Request: The linemen working from a rotorcraft needed a handle with an anchor point for their safety harness.

Project Summary: We provided design, detail drawings, structural substantiation, as well as a rotorcraft flight manual supplement (RFMS). This included enough data for a coordinated field approval with the assistance of Dave Swan.

Results: Multiple 337 approvals to install handle on helicopters owned by the client.

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Summary:  Rudder Tab certification

Project Name: Rudder Tab On A-1 Series Blimps

Client: American Blimp Company

Client Request:  The client requested a fix to balance the aerodynamic torque created by an installed Lightsign on the left side of the blimp’s envelope.

Project Summary: We did the preliminary sizing for a fixed rudder tab and worked with ABC on the detail design. Fliegen Works developed the aerodynamic loads, produced a structural test proposal and then DER witnessed the tests. The design of a fixed tab on a Rudder of ABC A-1 series airships was a challenge since a number of engineering estimations were made. From minimal available blimp flight and aerodynamic data and old NACA data an analysis was performed to design a fixed rudder tab that biased the rudder to compensate for the unsymmetrical drag on the airship due to the Lightsign on one side of the airship. This was a major change to the type design by the type certificate holder.

Results: Successful flight testing, installation and approval of rudder tab on A-1 series blimp. Pilot force required to maintain straight flight reduced to acceptable levels. Rather than complex CFD, a simple method combined with a little guesswork was applied. Minimal time and cost was required to produce the required results in this manner.

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